Emergency Asbestos Disposal / Makesafe

Flooded PropertyWhilst most people prefer to plan ahead, it’s just not always possible. Things go wrong and there’s not much we can do about it! Queensland is prone to fires, floods, storms and natural disasters and these can often result in property damage.

Any form of damage is devastating but, when asbestos is involved, this becomes a high-risk situation.

Zero ASBESTOS can help! If you find yourself in this situation simply call our 24-hour Makesafe Emergency Asbestos Removal Hotline for emergency asbestos testing and disposal. This has been set-up so that you can get the help you need fast, to reduce the possibility of exposure to damaged asbestos during emergencies.


In an asbestos emergency, you and your team may be in danger. Asbestos is far more dangerous when it is damaged. To ensure you are fully protected from dangerous asbestos fibres, talk to us about an Asbestos Emergency Response Plan today.

In a stressful situation, you may forget your building contains asbestos but it is still your responsibility to protect yourself and your workers. When you need emergency asbestos removal work carried out, we’re here to help!

If the damaged building was built before 1990 and is located in Queensland or northern New South Wales, we can carry out makesafe works. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

As asbestos testing, removal, remediation and makesafe experts, Zero ASBESTOS works closely with disaster recovery professionals, insurance builders, and trade and industry affiliates in times of emergency involving asbestos.

Natural disasters such as storms, cyclones and floods can create high exposure risks. These need to be controlled before rescue workers and clean-up crews arrive. Our Emergency Services include 24-hour makesafe works, air monitoring, encapsulation, site containment and public notifications.

Air monitoring is not only good practice but mandatory in most emergency asbestos check and removal situations.

At Zero ASBESTOS, all our technicians are trained and experienced in emergency asbestos disposal works on a large scale, so we can handle any situation. We have been involved in many disasters, including the Brisbane floods, Bundaberg floods, Mackay floods and terrifying hail storms.

Zero Asbestos Disaster

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Emergency Asbestos Testing

As part of our mission to eradicate dangerous asbestos from Australian homes and businesses, we offer Emergency Asbestos Testing. This can be used when property potentially containing asbestos is damaged, by natural disaster, renovation or demolition.

There is still no recognised way of testing for asbestos on-site. However, we are able to take as many samples as needed and test them quickly in a NATA accredited laboratory.

If damaged asbestos is suspected, move yourself and others away from the area and contact Zero ASBESTOS immediately for an asbestos check.