Can I remove ASBESTOS myself?

The short answer is “YES”… The long answer is “NO”!

There is Government legislation and it clearly states the following…

In accordance with the current legislation in QLD you can remove asbestos up to but not exceeding 10 square meters of BONDED asbestos! BONDED Asbestos is very different to its counterpart FRIABLE asbestos! FRIABLE asbestos must ONLY ever be removed by professional asbestos removal teams that hold an A-Class Licence. BONDED asbestos over 10 meters squared can be removed by asbestos removalists carrying either an A or B-Class licence but they MUST have a licence! So the answer to “Can I remove asbestos myself” is “yes” and “no”! Check out the Government website regarding legislation for the removal of asbestos –

BONDED & FRIABLE asbestos, what’s the difference?

The difference between BONDED & FRIABLE asbestos!

Asbestos can be found in all forms of building materials ranging from roof materials to vinyl flooring and almost every material in between, even in poured cement! Asbestos can be found in external cladding, wall and ceiling sheeting, floor and wall glues, putty around window sills, and the list goes on (for more info on possible locations of asbestos in your home click here).

As a general guideline, if you think the material is asbestos – treat it as if it is asbestos until proven through laboratory testing.

BONDED (Non-Friable) Asbestos

Most asbestos products in Australia were made of non-friable material in which the Asbestos fibres were bonded by cement, vinyl, resin or other similar material.

If accidentally damaged or broken these asbestos products release small amounts of asbestos fibres but in general they are more coarse and do not pose as high of a risk as friable asbestos does, although still dangerous by its very nature.

FRIABLE Asbestos

The hazardous friable asbestos is material which can be crumbled, pulverised, or reduced to a powder consistency by hand pressure* (as a rule). This may also include previously non-friable material which becomes broken or damaged by mechanical force, water or other damage.

As a general rule – If the Asbestos containing material can be easily disturbed and become air borne – by the effect of a breeze or simply creating a breeze by walking past it – it is in a friable state.

As Asbestos products were very versatile they could be easliy molded, shaped, cut drilled or painted. There continues to be no conclusive on-site testing for the presence of asbestos. Asbestos products can only conclusively be determined through laboratory testing following sampling. Need a sample? Click Here for more info on sampling/testing asbestos.

As a general guideline, if you think the material is asbestos – treat it as if it is asbestos until proven through laboratory testing.

It can be very difficult to identify asbestos, let us help you by completing an asbestos sample.

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