Asbestos Testing

Need a sample taken / some material tested?

We can help! We accurately test samples in a laboratory regularly. Results within 48hrs!

Often it isn’t clear if a particular wall/ceiling or material contains asbestos or not and the ONLY way to confirm whether the material is asbestos present or not is to have asbestos testing completed. We offer a fully inclusive testing service including sample collection from site, laboratory testing and providing detailed results reports. We carry out testing regularly and can take as many samples as required from any size site. We also offer air quality assurance which measures the amount of fibers present in any situation where asbestos may be involved. This process is also strictly adhered to for all of our A-Class works to ensure complete workplace safety for both clients and staff.

If you’ve got any materials that you suspect may be asbestos Call Us on 1800 081 081 – email us or contact us today and we’ll do our best to help you figure out if it is asbestos or not!

Does asbestos testing cost a fortune?

NO! We complete sample testing from $100 and give laboratory accurate results within 48hrs!

Asbestos testing can seem like a daunting prospect but it really is very easy, very quick, very affordable and very accurate! Zero offer asbestos testing from $100, this includes one core sample test, each additional sample to be tested is $50. You will receive a printed certificate of test results, free quote if required and free advice from some of the best experts in the industry! It really is that simple- Give us a call today to book in for a sample test.

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