Asbestos Management Plans

Do I need an AMP (Asbestos Management Plan) or an Asbestos Audit for my business premises?

If your workplace was built before 1989 you are required by law to have an Asbestos Audit performed!*

If the asbestos audit confirms the presence of asbestos, or declares that asbestos is likely to be present then an AMP (Asbestos Management Plan) is required by current government legislation (effective Dec 31st December 2011).

Asbestos Audits & Asbestos Management Plans FAQ:

  • Date Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) was identified
  • Type of asbestos product (ie, roof sheets, fibro walls, floor tiles, etc)
  • Friable or bonded (see this link for more info on friable/bonded asbestos)
  • Condition of Asbestos
  • Location of asbestos
  • Details about area where asbestos is located

An Asbestos Audit is NOT required when:

  • The workplace was built after 31st December 2003
  • No asbestos is likely to be present in the workplace (building materials are listed on architectural plans, etc)

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