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Zero ASBESTOS is dedicated to ridding Australia of one of our largest ongoing health threats, asbestos!

Our People


Originally from New Zealand, Richard brought his wife to Australia more than 20 years ago, seeking a better future for them and their two Australian born daughters. From his humble beginnings as an apprentice bricklayer, Richard found his niche initially in the textured ceiling industry (specifically asbestos based textures). He began and founded a company called Texspec on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

As a result of this experience and knowledge, Richard quickly became the go-to person for textured ceilings in South East Queensland. Removal, replacement, patches and matching old textures was his specialty. These are still services he offers today through Texspec.

In working with textured ceilings Richard often came across ACM (Asbestos Containing Material) within the textures so asbestos removal became a necessary part of his repertoire leading to the founding of another company – “Aspec – The Asbestos Specialists“. Aspec is a widely respected asbestos abatement business responsible for all forms of asbestos testing, audits, management plans, removal and replacement, air monitoring, demolition, makesafe works and all other forms of remediation. With an A-Class asbestos licence the business experienced high demand and was continually expanding into new sectors and further afield.

Due to such rapid growth and an expanding level of service, Richard decided that Aspec was a bit too hard for people to say, spell properly, and remember. Richard wanted his growing business to be synonymous with asbestos removal, so he re-branded it! The asbestos arm of his business is now known as Zero ASBESTOS and serves as a timely reminder that the only good asbestos is Zero ASBESTOS!

As a family owned business, Richard, like most entrepreneurs, started his business from the confines of his own garage, which he now confesses was great to have easy access to doughnuts in the fridge, but that was the only benefit to the confined workspace! From these humble beginnings Zero Asbestos has grown to a permanent office staff of over 10, and a ground crew upwards of 25 at any given time.

In recent times Zero ASBESTOS has taken on an additional larger industrial shed on the Sunshine Coast and has also secured an office and industrial space in Brisbane. Richard hopes to further service new customers and government/industrial works from all his business locations as well as continuing to provide a high level of service for all local communities across Queensland.

As a self-proclaimed “floor sweeper” Richard enjoys keeping his hands dirty and his mind sharp, spreading his time across all areas of the business to ensure efficient and professional services are provided to all levels of our clientele!

With the rapid expansion of Zero ASBESTOS you could be forgiven for thinking Richard would be a highly stressed individual, when in fact he is most often heard using his favourite catch phrase “all good” many times during the working day. Not only that but Richard ensures his positive energy comes directly from maintaining happy staff, and that’s what keeps him smiling every day, knowing his business is in safe hands with his hand-picked team of fun-loving experts!

Richard continues to help the greater good by continuously striving for “zero asbestos” in Australia and beyond!


Originally from the UK, Chris made the bold decision to move to Australia specifically to work with us within his role here as our Contracts Manager.

Chris has over 15 years’ construction industry experience dealing with all forms of asbestos on and around a variety of construction sites. Being a highly experienced international member of our team Chris has brought his wealth of knowledge with him adding value to his role here immediately.

Chris is overseeing all of our works which helps guarantee our clients’ needs are not only met but exceeded. This means exacting deadlines, perfected safety measures, and regular client communication through to completion of the works.

As part of our ongoing support for awareness and eradication of asbestos we are glad to be able to offer Chris and his expertise to homeowners, businesses, councils and government bodies. Chris gives precise technical advice and is a natural born problem solver, which is complementary to his essential role within our business.


Our Business Development Officer/Estimator, Milton Smith, has experience in a long list of various construction industry jobs dating back two decades when he initially started as a tiling labourer in Brisbane.

Since then he’s gained his full qualifications and respect in the field as a carpenter and more recently as a Business Development Officer. From his early construction days, Milton was taught about how to best deal with asbestos in various situations and his knowledge of these products is exceptional.

With a friendly and relaxed persona Milton holds a key position in this business, BDO/Estimator. He’s a strong team member and an integral team player in the future of our business.

Milton’s skill-set combined with his positive attitude and myriad of asbestos related work experience has lead him to join our team, and we’re more than proud to have him on-board. Milton continues to prove his value to our business and our entire client-base, be it residential, commercial, industrial or government based.

About us

Zero ASBESTOS can safely remove all forms of asbestos including: asbestos roofs/rooves, guttering, pipes, fences, eaves, soffits, textured and non-textured ceilings (including vermiculite), external and internal wall claddings, vinyl flooring, bathroom/garage/sheds and dog kennels, Hardiboard, Hardiplank, super 6 (six), cement sheet and electrical boxes containing asbestos boards.

Zero ASBESTOS complete works in residential, industrial, commercial, insurance, government and local council operations… Zero ASBESTOS can handle all forms of asbestos works including a variety of friable and non-friable undertakings (A-Class & B-Class work).

Zero Asbestos Proudly Boasts:

  • Both A and B-Class asbestos removal licence(s) for every trade based staff member
  • Master Builders membership
  • QBCC licence (formerly BSA/QBSA)
  • EPA Licence
  • High level Public Liability Insurance (PLI)
  • WorkCover – Workers compensation insurance policy
  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 safety compliance
  • Associated members of various asbestos disease support groups

Zero ASBESTOS currently operates throughout Queensland and have the capability to expand operations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We here at Zero ASBESTOS pride ourselves on our impeccable safety record and safe work practices. Our safe asbestos management and handling techniques are second to none and are a testament to our company and its ongoing success.

ASBESTOS makes Zero sense! Do something about it NOW!

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